Recycled Items, Original Art: These 5 Art Installations Reinvent Recycling

Climate change, eco-artists and healthier sustainability practices have gained prominence in the corporate and social sphere as well as in the art world today. As environment-friendly businesses and entertainment practices gain importance, the arts have started shifting their focus too. Many art installations now use recyclable or recycled items as sustainable practice and oftentimes as […]

Restaurant Interiors That Excite: 5 Restaurants That Go Beyond Dining

Dining out is an idea that makes everyone happy- a break from the monotonous 9-5 routine. But the addition of a stunning interior can totally elevate the dining experience. Just think of the aesthetic experience of having coffee in a Parisian cafe or a drink on a high stool at a vintage, warmly lit bar. […]

Public Spaces That Inspire: 10 Compelling Art Pieces That Transform Spaces

Walkways, parks and bridges are areas in public spaces that are plenty and commonplace. You would usually walk through one without a second glance. However, in this article, we will highlight new media artists that transform these public spaces with eye-catching installations giving them an iconic status. These places are picture perfect and become “must-sees”. […]