Recycled Items, Original Art: These 5 Art Installations Reinvent Recycling

Climate change, eco-artists and healthier sustainability practices have gained prominence in the corporate and social sphere as well as in the art world today. As environment-friendly businesses and entertainment practices gain importance, the arts have started shifting their focus too. Many art installations now use recyclable or recycled items as sustainable practice and oftentimes as […]

Restaurant Interiors That Excite: 5 Restaurants That Go Beyond Dining

Dining out is an idea that makes everyone happy- a break from the monotonous 9-5 routine. But the addition of a stunning interior can totally elevate the dining experience. Just think of the aesthetic experience of having coffee in a Parisian cafe or a drink on a high stool at a vintage, warmly lit bar. […]

Highlights: 5 Exciting Light Festivals You Should Know About!

Like music festivals or flea market fairs, light festivals are on the rise, especially in Europe. As the buzz around new media art is growing, so is the intricacy of it. Vibrant new media art displays consisting of light and innovative, immersive experiences are a unique feature in these light festivals. In this post, we […]

Before New Media Art: 6 Innovations That Guided Light And Art’s Evolution

Light and art have been used in conjunction at various events and spaces even before they evolved into the new media techniques of projection mapping or augmented reality. It becomes tricky to determine ‘old’ light art developed into new media communication, but we have listed a few key artistic innovations that have paved the way. […]

Public Spaces That Inspire: 10 Compelling Art Pieces That Transform Spaces

Walkways, parks and bridges are areas in public spaces that are plenty and commonplace. You would usually walk through one without a second glance. However, in this article, we will highlight new media artists that transform these public spaces with eye-catching installations giving them an iconic status. These places are picture perfect and become “must-sees”. […]