Restaurant Interiors That Excite: 5 Restaurants That Go Beyond Dining

Dining out is an idea that makes everyone happy- a break from the monotonous 9-5 routine. But the addition of a stunning interior can totally elevate the dining experience. Just think of the aesthetic experience of having coffee in a Parisian cafe or a drink on a high stool at a vintage, warmly lit bar. A restaurant with curated, well-furnished interior always adds to the ambience. Here are 5 restaurants that have done just that!

  1. Interstellar, Mexico City.

This restaurant in Mexico City is an obvious nod to 2014 sci-fi movie, Interstellar. This restaurant takes the visitor’s experience beyond dining. The idea behind the restaurant was to create a visual experience that is a journey of wonderment. A collaboration between Almazán y Arquitectos Asociados, Concepto Taller de Arquitectura and Pin Studio, the restaurant features 250,000 LED lights running from the ceiling to the walls to give the impression of a starry sky. The seating is translucent, blending perfectly into the ambience of the place. Books are hung at the entrance of the place to give the feeling of space and the absence of gravity. The walls and ceilings are all in black to depict the nothingness of space.

  1. FLASH Club, Bulgaria.

A nightclub in Bulgaria, this place is something out of a sci-fi movie. The interiors are largely dark with reflective surfaces. As the colours, people and movements change in the nightclub, so do the reflections in the club, giving the place a futuristic look. Designed by architecture firm MODE, this nightclub draws inspiration from the futuristic, dystopian movie, Tron: Legacy. Sound and light come together to create an experiential nightclub space in Bulgaria’s FLASH Club. VIP podiums have circular seating and are covered in reflective surfaces, giving the place an ‘infinite’ look and feel.

  1. Reign, Dubai.

Reign is a luxury dining bar and restaurant in Dubai. Design and art studio Whitevoid transformed the restaurant’s outdoor terrace with an ethereal suspended installation. The installation, named Constellation, consists of light spheres that use the RGB colour model for light moderation. 200 light spheres allow the change of a pattern of colours to lend to the ambience of the restaurant. The spheres also spell out ‘REIGN’ in a light pattern, fitting very well into a nightlife theme. These spheres are part of a retractable roof on top of the terrace.

  1. Sketch, London.
The Gallery.

Sketch is a restaurant straight out of  Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, with whimsical paint, pop art and pointe shoes for chair feet. sketch is a collection of four different restaurants that have different themes (and even names!), creating a variety of ambience. The Gallery is themed in shades of pink, The Lecture Room is perfect for a marvellous dinner, The Parlour is straight out of an Alice in Wonderland fever dream and The Glade is an immersive experience that transports you into a fairy-tale forest. Ironically, the real Easter egg here is the bathroom- each cubicle shaped like a perfectly oval pod!

The Lecture Room.
The Parlour.
The Glade.
  1. Bamboo Long House Restaurant, Vietnam.

This restaurant is made up almost entirely of bamboo, giving it a very tropic feel. The roof of the restaurant is like an upside-down longboat, running along the entirety of the restaurant. The set-up of the restaurant is almost like a rectangle with rounded corner and is all one level, with no walls or partitions between tables or around the restaurant. At one end of the restaurant is the kitchen and bamboo columns run all along the restaurant to give it a natural look. The result is a calm, airy restaurant that is perfect for getaway dinners.

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