Highlights: 5 Exciting Light Festivals You Should Know About!

Like music festivals or flea market fairs, light festivals are on the rise, especially in Europe. As the buzz around new media art is growing, so is the intricacy of it. Vibrant new media art displays consisting of light and innovative, immersive experiences are a unique feature in these light festivals. In this post, we highlight 5 light festivals that shine a light on the future on the new media art enterprises.

1. Amsterdam Light Festival

Started in 2012, the Amsterdam Light Festival with the intent of shifting the concept of light from mere entertainment to engaging light art. Going on for almost 2 months in the holiday season, the festival has a theme every year with artwork surrounding it. The festival takes place along the characteristic canals of Amsterdam and can be enjoyed on foot, through the canals or on bikes. 

2. i Light Singapore

Focused on a unique theme of light and sustainability, i Light is held in Marina Bay in Singapore. Using sustainable, energy-saving materials, artists are encouraged to display light and kinetic artwork that enhances the city-state’s nightscape. The festival began in 2010 and is a yearly tradition that hosts artwork from veterans and students alike. Fun events and activities coupled with the centerpieces of the light artworks create a festive atmosphere for the visitors of i Light Singapore. 

3. Signal Festival

An annual light festival in Prague, Signal hails to be revolutionary in terms of light art focused around public space and design. Started in 2013, Signal focuses on video-mapping, projection mapping and light installations in and around popular city areas in Prague. Pre-decided themes are chosen for the installation art to be set up with a collective of artists. Signal focuses on darker themes, making public spaces intriguing immersive experiences in October every year.

4. Fête des Lumières

Translating directly to Festival of Lights, this festival goes on for four days in the city of Lyon, France. The festival has a traditional origin; every year on December 8, the people of Lyon light candles in their window sills in ritual spirit and cultural solidarity. Over time, lighting candles in windows evolved to elaborate light displays and tradition followed. Fête des Lumières is now celebrated each year and lights up the city of Lyon in the winter.

5. Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney is an Australian light festival that lights up one of the country’s largest cities. Vivid Sydney is all about innovation in new media light, art and design and brings together large scale installations with music, light and art. With its origin in 2009, it combines the shimmering attraction of new tech light art with the charm of music performances and creative talks. The festival also focuses on sustainability while bringing forward a troupe of artists and contemporary light installations.

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